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Gary Ridgway                                                                         
Birth name: Gary Leon Ridgway                                                       
Alias(es): Green River Killer                                                       
Born: February 18, 1949                                                             
Salt Lake City, Utah                                                                 
Penalty: Life                                                                       
Number of victims: 71                                                               
Span of killings: 1982 through 1998                                                 
Country: United States                                                               
State(s): Washington                                                                 
Date apprehended: November 30, 2001                                                 
Gary Leon Ridgway (born February 18, 1949), known as the Green River Killer, is     
one of the most prolific serial killers in American history. On November 30,         
2001, as he was leaving a Renton, Washington factory where he worked, he was         
arrested for the murders of seven women whose deaths were attributed to the "Green   
River Killer". Four murders were linked to him through DNA and three through         
paint he used at his job. Two years later he pleaded guilty to 48 counts of         
aggravated murder, although the estimates run much higher. Ridgway has been         
married three times and has one son. He carried his son's photo in his wallet to     
lure most of his victims into his pickup truck.