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Carlo Gambino                                                                       
Born August 24, 1902                                                                 
Caccamo, Palermo, Sicily, Italy                                                     
Died October 15, 1976 (aged 74)                                                     
New York City, New York, U.S.                                                       
Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino, (August 24, 1902 - October 15, 1976) was a Mafioso       
who also became boss of the Gambino crime family that still bears his name today.   
No one expected Gambino to seize control over The Commission of Cosa Nostra in       
the US, at the 1957's Appalachin convention. Gambino was known for being low-key     
and secretive and unlike many modern mafiosi, Gambino served relatively little       
time in prison, but lived to the age of 74, when he died of a heart attack,         
while watching the New York Yankees on television. He had one brother, Jasper       
Gambino, who later married and was never involved with the mafia.