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Megan Christine Ewing (born September 30, 1984 in Abilene, Texas) is a               
supermodel. Her hazel eyes, freckled skin, gapped teeth and unique beauty has       
won her campaigns from such companies as Abercrombie & Fitch and La Perla,           
though she is best known as the Guess? model with unique, beautiful eyes. She       
took a sabbatical from modeling after the birth of her son and may be returning     
later in 2006.                                                                       
Megan Ewing is the middle child of three, the sole daughter of Albert Robert         
Ewing and Celia Perez. She is of German and Mexican descent. Before her forays       
into fashion, Megan went to grade school in her hometown of Brady, Texas, a city     
of 5,000. A tall (5'9") brunette, Megan got her start in the world of modeling       
when she answered a newspaper ad for a model search in San Angelo, Texas. Her       
entry was complete when she was discovered at a Model Search America convention     
in Dallas. Initially signed by her mother agency Clipse Management, she moved on     
to Marilyn Agency in New York shortly after.                                         
Megan's career began with a campaign for Abercrombie & Fitch and print work for     
magazines, including Spanish Vogue, Votre Beaute, and Harper's Bazaar. Her star     
went on a meteoric rise when she followed in the footsteps of Laetitia Casta,       
Claudia Schiffer, and Adriana Lima by becoming a Guess? girl in the spring of       
2001. With Adriana and future The O.C. star Chris Carmack, the Wailea campaign       
launched Megan into the big time. After several seasonal campaigns for Paul         
Marciano and Co. over two years, Megan took a short sabbatical from modeling in     
the United States, stopped being represented by Clipse Agency and appeared in       
several catalogs in Europe. In 2004, she rejoined Marilyn Agency, appeared in       
Glamour magazine and modeled for the Newport News catalog for a short period in     
the fall.