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Name: Caprice Bourret                                                             
Born: 24 October 1971                                                             
Caprice Valerie Bourret (born October 24, 1971) is an American lingerie model,     
actress, television personality and businesswoman. Much of her career has been     
in the United Kingdom where she is known by her first name.                       
Bourret (pronounced Bour-Ray) was born in Hacienda Heights, California to         
working class Jewish parents Dale Bourret and Valerie Pion; who originate         
from a French-speaking area of Canada. After growing up in Whittier, California,   
Caprice moved to the United Kingdom in 1996 to further her career in modeling.     
An appearance in a revealing see-through dress at the 1996 British National       
Television Awards ceremony helped gain her public recognition.                     
Bourret became a cheerleader at age 13. Contrary to a popular trivia item, she     
never won the title of Miss Teen California, nor even participated in the         
pageant. In the years following, Bourret became one of the UK's better known       
models after becoming the model for Wonderbra It is claimed that has had her       
breasts (now insured for £50,000) augmented, which she denies. She has appeared   
on the covers of GQ, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Maxim, FHM and the 1998 Swimsuit       
Issue of Sports Illustrated. Bourret also posed nude in the March, 2000 issue of   
Playboy magazine. She was voted GQ magazine's Woman of the Year and Maxim's       
International Woman of the Year in three consecutive years. She has also been     
featured in television ad campaigns for Diet Coke and Pizza Hut. She continues     
to be the face of Paradise, and also appears on billboards and           
advertisements in London.