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Name: Arthur George Negus                                                           
Born: 29 March 1903 Berkshire, England.                                             
Died April 5, 1985                                                                 
Arthur George Negus OBE (29 March 1903-5 April 1985) was born in Reading,           
Berkshire, England. He was a broadcaster and antiques expert.                       
Negus's family has a long history in the antiques business, and Negus himself       
began running the family business when he was 17, following the death of his       
father. During World War II he was an air-raid warden. He later joined Bruton,     
Knowles & Co., auctioneers of fine antiques based in Gloucester.                   
His broadcasting career began at the age of 62 when he appeared on the panel of     
the television series Going for a Song (1966-1976) where he appraised antiques.     
He quickly became a household name as a result of his slow and distinctive West     
Country mode of speech, which also made him popular with impersonators. He         
returned to television with Arthur Negus Enjoys (1982) and, especially, Antiques   
Roadshow (1979-1983).                                                               
He was appointed to the Order of the British Empire in 1982. He died in 1985 at     
his home in Cheltenham.