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Name: Adriana Sklenarikova                                                       
Born: 17 September 1971 Brezno, Slovakia                                         
Adriana Sklenarikova (married name: Adriana Karembeu) (born September 17, 1971)   
is a Slovak fashion model.                                                       
She was born to a Slovak mother and Czech father in Brezno, a small town of       
central Slovakia (then part of Czechoslovakia). Having originally studied         
medicine in Prague, Adriana gave up her studies to become a model. On December   
22, 1998, she married French football player Christian Karembeu and took his     
name. She was also one of the models for Wonderbra and was very popular in       
Europe for her Wonderbra billboards. She lives permanently in Paris, but she has 
also lived in various cities in Europe such as Athens and Madrid. Her 50-inch     
long legs earned her an entry in The Guinness Book of World Records.             
She has been married to football (soccer) player Christian Karembeu since 1998.   
Adriana is a vegetarian. Her favorite dish is potato souffle.