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Name: Harold Ty Warner                                                             
Born: 3 September 1944                                                             
Harold Ty Warner (born September 3, 1944) is a wealthy American toy manufacturer   
and businessman. He is Chairman, CEO, sole owner and founder of Ty Inc., which     
manufactures and distributes Beanie Babies, Ty Girlz and a variety of other Ty     
plush items. In 2005 Forbes estimated his net worth at approximately $4.4         
billion - down from a peak of $6 billion - still making him one of the             
wealthiest people in the world.                                                   
Warner attended Kalamazoo College in Michigan but dropped out after a year and     
moved to Hollywood to commence a career in acting. He had little success as an     
actor and returned to Chicago. There he began working for plush toy maker Dakin,   
where he became an accomplished salesman - employing clever tactics to influence   
the decisions of buyers in large stores. After nearly two decades at Dakin and a   
long sabbatical in Italy, Warner returned again to Chicago. He enjoyed living in   
Chicago much more than anywhere else he had lived.