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Name: Steve Kim                                                                     
Born: April 16, 1977                                                                 
Steve Kim (born April 16, 1977) is a Korean-American hip hop artist who is a         
member of the Korean hip-hop group Uptown. He is also known by the alias Kwon.       
He was also one half of the now defunct hip-hop duo Uptown 3000.                     
On December 11, Man Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American was found murdered in the         
backyard of his parents Burbank home. Kim had been seen leaving the scene by         
witnesses and was considered a primary suspect by Burbank police. After going       
into hiding for several days, Kim turned himself in at Burbank police               
headquarters on December 14.                                                         
In 2006, Kim returned to South Korea to make a comeback with original Uptown         
members, Carlos Galvan and Chris Jung. In May 2006, their new album "Testimony"     
was released.