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Name: Michael Edwardes                                                               
Born: October 11, 1930                                                               
Michael Edwardes (born October 11, 1930 in South Africa) is a business executive.   
Edwardes matriculated from St. Andrew's College in 1947 before graduating from       
Rhodes University. He began his career in 1951 with an African entity known as       
the Chloride Group. He went on in 1966 to serve as the general manager of the       
corporation's British subsidiary known as Alkaline Batteries.                       
In 1977 he was appointed as chief executive of the United Kingdom's ailing motor     
giant, British Leyland, where he memorably argued that if North Sea oil were the     
cause of sterling appreciation, he would prefer to "leave the bloody stuff in       
the ground".[citation needed] His tenure with British Leyland lasted until 1982,     
when he was replaced by Harold Musgrove. In 1984, he became Chairman of ICL, but     
resigned six months later when the company was acquired by STC                       
Edwardes is also an author. He wrote Back from the Brink, a book which discusses     
his experiences at British Leyland.                                                 
He donated over R500,000 to St. Andrew's College in 2005.[citation needed]