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Name: Sanjay Kumar                                                                   
Born: 1962                                                                           
Sanjay Kumar (born Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1962) was the Chairman & CEO of Computer       
Associates International (now CA, Inc.), until April 2004. He emigrated with his     
family to the US in 1976 to escape civil unrest in his native Sri Lanka. The         
family originally settled in South Carolina. He attended Furman University from       
1980 to 1983, but left without completing a degree.                                   
Kumar became an employee of Computer Associates in 1987, when it acquired UCCEL       
Corp. in an $800 million buy-out. Kumar was, at the time, UCCEL's director of         
software development and had been employed by UCCEL only for a few months.           
Kumar was promoted to Vice President of Planning the following year, relocating       
to Computer Associates' Long Island headquarters. Over the years he held various     
leadership roles at the firm. In 1989, he became Senior Vice President of             
Planning and in 1993 moved up to Executive Vice President of Operations. Kumar       
was named President and Chief Operating Officer in 1994 at age 31.                   
In 2000, Kumar replaced his mentor Charles Wang as Chief Executive Officer of         
the firm and in 2002 became Chairman of Computer Associates' board of directors.     
Kumar is widely credited for moving CA to be more customer-focused, and for           
implementing the software industry's first large scale ratable revenue               
recognition business model.