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Name: Ronald Perelman                                                         
Born: January 1, 1943 Greensboro, North Carolina                               
Ronald Owen Perelman (born January 1, 1943) is an American billionaire investor
who made his fortune buying beleaguered corporations and re-selling them later 
for enormous profits. Once the richest man in America, he is now the 28th     
richest American with an estimated wealth of USD$10 billion. He has invested   
in the grocery, cigar, licorice, makeup, car, photography, television, camping,
security, lottery, jewelry, banks, and comic book industries.                 
Perelman owns a considerable stake in Siga Technologies both directly and     
indirectly. He might be planning to buy the company outright through his firm 
MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc, which recently filed documents regarding an 
IPO for $500 million, which could be the amount of the buyout.