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Name: Ronald Harry Coase                                                       
Born: 29 December 1910 Willesden, England                                       
Ronald Harry Coase (b. December 29, 1910 in Willesden, England) is a British   
economist and the Clifton R. Musser Professor Emeritus of Economics at the     
University of Chicago Law School. After studying with the University of London 
External Programme in 1927-29, Coase entered the London School of Economics     
where he took courses with Arnold Plant. Coase graduated from the London       
School of Economics with a B.Sc. (Econ) in 1931, and earned his doctorate from 
the University of London in 1951. He emigrated to the United States that same   
year and started work at the University of Buffalo. In 1958 he moved to the     
University of Virginia. Coase settled at the University of Chicago in 1964 and 
became the editor of the Journal of Law and Economics. He received the Nobel   
Prize in Economics in 1991.