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Born|October 31, 1816                                                             
Litchfield, New York                                                               
Philo Remington (October 31, 1816 - 1889) was the eldest son of Eliphalet         
Remington II, who was himself the only son of Eliphalet Remington, inventor of     
the Remington rifle.                                                               
In 1839 he joined his father's business, the name of which was already "E.         
Remington & Son". In 1845, when his brother, Samuel, also joined the firm, its     
name was changed to "E. Remington & Sons".                                         
He was the manager of the mechanical department in his father's small-arms         
factory for over 25 years, and was active when the firm won the contract to       
manufacture what was then known as the Sholes and Glidden Type-Writer on March 1, 
1873. These typewriters were later known as the Remington type-writer. Philo       
Remington retired in 1886.