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Name: Norton Winfred Simon                                                               
Born: February 5, 1907                                                                   
Died: June 1, 1993                                                                       
Norton Winfred Simon (February 5, 1907-June 1, 1993), in the United States was a         
millionaire industrialist and philanthropist based in California. A significant         
art collector, he is the namesake of the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena,               
Born into a successful Jewish family in Portland, Oregon, he attended high               
school in San Francisco, graduating in 1924. At his father's insistence, in 1925         
he enrolled in the University of California, Berkeley, but left his pre-law             
studies within the first six weeks to found a sheet metal distribution company.         
He enjoyed early success and invested $7000 in 1927 in an orange juice bottling         
plant in Fullerton which was insolvent and renamed it Val Vita Food Products             
Company. He soon added other fruit and vegetables to the product lines and               
purchased canning equipment.