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Name: Jean Pierre Chouteau                                                             
Born: 1758                                                                             
Died: 1849                                                                             
Jean Pierre Chouteau or Pierre Chouteau (1758-1849) was an early settler               
of St. Louis, Missouri. He was a family member of the founders, being the son of       
Pierre Lacl├Ęde and half-brother of Rene Auguste Chouteau.                             
While a fur trader and negotiator of the Osage Treaty/Treaty of Fort Clark in           
1808, managed to convince the Osage to sell their claim to large portions of the       
Missouri Territory.                                                                     
His children include:                                                                   
Auguste Pierre Chouteau (founder of posts in Oklahoma and Chouteau, Oklahoma and       
Salina, Oklahoma)                                                                       
Pierre Chouteau, Jr. (founder of posts in Upper Missouri River including Fort           
Pierre) and Chouteau County, Montana)                                                   
Francois Chouteau (first official European settler of Kansas City, Missouri)           
Early samples of the Osage-orange tree came from his St. Louis garden.