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Name: Henry Charles Carey                                                                         
Born: 15 December 1793                                                                             
Died: 13 October 1879                                                                             
Henry Charles Carey was an American political economist. Born in Philadelphia,                     
1793. Became principal partner in the great publishing firm of Carey & Lea in                     
that city, and was the first to establish the system of bookseller's trade sales.                 
His published works were voluminous, and well known in their relations to trade,                   
finance, and political economy.                                                                   
He published seminal works, Principles of Political Economy (3 vol., 183740)                     
and Principles of Social Science (3 vol., 185859) espousing laissez-faire views,                 
though in Harmony of Interests: Manufacturing and Commercial (1851) he advocated protectionism.   
He was also responsible for the development of American economic nationalism.                     
Died October 13, 1879.