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Name: Halsey Minor                                                                     
Born: 1964                                                                             
Halsey Minor (born 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia) is a technology                 
entrepreneur who founded CNET in 1993 (initial plans for the company began in         
1992). Minor ran CNET for 8 years during which time it became one of the               
Internet's first companies to achieve profitability. The company's many               
achievements were recognized in 1999 when CNET was selected as one of only 2           
Internet companies to join the elite NASDAQ 100 which included companies such as       
Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Home Depot, and Dell. Minor also developed 2 other spin-off   
companies which independent of CNET became public entities: Vignette Software         
and Snap/NBCi. Minor is currently investing in new companies in a broad range of       
fields via Minor Ventures.