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Forrest Edward Mars                                                               
Born March 21, 1904                                                               
Tacoma, Washington, USA                                                           
Died July 1, 1999 (aged 95)                                                       
Miami, Florida, USA                                                               
Occupation Director of Mars, Inc.                                                 
Spouse Audrey Mars                                                                 
Children Forrest Edward Mars, Jr.                                                 
John F. Mars                                                                       
Jacqueline Mars                                                                   
Forrest Edward Mars, Sr. (March 21, 1904 - July 1, 1999) was the reclusive and     
eccentric son of giant candy company Mars, Inc. founder Frank C. Mars and is       
best known for inventing M&M's and the Mars bar, as well as orchestrating the     
launch of Uncle Ben's.                                                             
He developed M&M's, the chocolate candy covered in a crunchy shell which "melts   
in your mouth, not in your hands," in 1940. They were modeled after a candy that   
he had discovered while in Spain during the 1930s.                                 
He was married to Audrey Mars, who died in 1989, and he had three children -       
Forrest Jr., John, and Jacqueline.                                                 
Mars died at age 95, and had amassed a fortune of $4 billion. He was ranked as     
30th in Forbes magazine's list of richest Americans (Forrest Jr. and John were     
29th and 31st, respectively).