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Arun is half-German and announces  himself with a posh English accent. He is the eldest son of Vinod  Nayar, a Bombay businessman, and Gunnar, his German mother who set up a  lucrative textiles company in the city 30 years ago. After his parents’  separation when he was young, Arun was brought up by his mother and was  sent to the John Connon School in Bombay before embarking on a  top-drawer British education. This was furnished by Millfield, the  20,000-a-year independent school in Somerset, and Christ Church,  Oxford, where he read physics. Nayar and his younger brother Nikhil had  earned a wild reputation being pretty extravagant and partying all the  time, but each appeared to settle down after marriage. The brothers  also set up a computer firm, Directions Software Solution, often  reported as the source of Arun’s wealth. Nayar appears to be an  indulged son making use of the family’s homes in France, Germany and  London to enhance his jet-setting lifestyle. He also enjoys one of  several luxury premises owned by the family in Bombay’s exclusive St  James Court.


Eleven years ago he met Valentina Pedroni, a blonde part-time  model in her home town of Milan. After a four-year courtship they  married in Bombay, where Pedroni settled in but soon their marriage was  in trouble. Pedroni had returned to Milan and was devastated to see  pictures of her husband and Hurley holding hands and flirting at a  Paris fashion show in January. Any doubts evaporated last month when  the couple was spotted at a cosy lunch with Nayar’s mother in Bombay’s  Oberoi hotel. Both parents were reported to have given there blessing  to the match, but Nayar’s paternal grandmother refused to meet Hurley,  affronted by photographs of the couple kissing in St Moritz. However,  sources in Bombay claim Nayar has lodged a divorce petition with the  city’s family court on the ground that he and his wife are estranged  and that she lives overseas. Pedroni’s friends say she will fight the  divorce tooth and nail.  Nayar is Hurley’s first serious boyfriend since Steve Bing, the  millionaire who dumped her after she revealed that she was pregnant  with his son Damian. Her friends say that she is happier than ever at  finding a “soul mate” in Nayar. Sceptics maintain that Hurley’s career  since bursting into the limelight in a skimpy Versace dress has been  one long, carefully choreographed photo-shoot. What better new  highlight than a spectacular Indian wedding, they venture. The couple  will not get officially engaged until Nayar has secured a divorce.