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Name: Treat Williams                                                                     
Born: 1 December 1951 Rowayton, Connecticut                                             
Treat Williams (born December 1, 1951) is an American film, stage and television         
actor. He is a prolific character actor. From 2002 to 2006, he was the star             
of the popular television series Everwood.                                               
Williams was born Richard Treat Williams in Norwalk, Connecticut, the son of             
Richard Norman Williams, a corporate executive, and Marion Andrew, an antiques           
dealer. Williams graduated from the elite New England prep school, Kent                 
School, in Connecticut and Franklin and Marshall College.                               
Williams came to world attention when he starred in the MiloŇ° Forman film Hair (1979). 
This film was based on the Broadway musical Hair. Since that time he has gone on         
to appear in over seventy-five films and several television series, including,           
most notably, 1941 (1979), Once Upon A Time In America (1984), Dead Heat (1988),         
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead (1995) and Deep Rising (1998).                   
Williams was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his part in Hair. He got a           
second Golden Globe nomination for starring in Sydney Lumet's Prince of the City.       
He got a third nomination for his performance as Stanley Kowalski in the                 
television presentation of A Streetcar Named Desire. In 1996, he was nominated           
for the Best Actor Emmy Award by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for           
his work in The Late Shift, an HBO movie. Williams has also worked as a director,       
winning two festival awards for directing Texan in Showtime's Chanticleer series.       
In 1996, he played bad guy Xander Drax in Paramount's big budget comic book             
adaptation, The Phantom, where he did his best to take over the world and kill           
Billy Zane's mysterious superhero.                                                       
Williams' acting career includes numerous stage roles. He won a Drama League             
Award for his work in the Broadway revival of Stephen Sondheim's Follies, and           
another for starring in the off-Broadway production of Captains Courageous .             
Other notable Broadway shows include Grease, the Sherman Brothers' Over Here!,           
Once in a Lifetime, Pirates of Penzance and Love Letters, and off-Broadway, he           
has appeared in David Mamet's Oleanna and Oh, Hell (at Lincoln Center), Some Men         
Need Help, and Randy Newman's Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong. He premiered the Los             
Angeles production of Love Letters and appeared in War Letters at the Canon             
Theatre in Los Angeles.                                                                 
Williams may be best known for his leading role as Dr. Andrew Brown in the               
former WB series Everwood, about a New York neurosurgeon who moves his family to         
the fictional Everwood, Colorado. Although the show's ratings were never                 
spectacular, it won critical acclaim and had a devoted following. Williams               
received two SAG award nominations (2003 and 2004) for his role on the show.             
Williams has recently made several guest appearances on the ABC drama Brothers &         
Sisters playing the role of David Morton, a friend and potential suitor of the           
Sally Field character. Williams currently stars in a series on the TNT titled           
Heartland in which he plays, Nathaniel Grant, the head of the a Pittsburgh organ         
transplant center. He also starred in a Lifetime movie called the Staircase             
Murders, which aired April 15, 2007.