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Name: Sophie Marceau                                                                 
Birth name: Sophie Daniele Sylvie Maupu                                               
Born: 17 November 1966 Paris, France                                                 
Sophie Marceau is a French actress. She has worked in                                 
international films such as Braveheart and The World is Not Enough.                   
Sophie Marceau was born Sophie Daniele Sylvie Maupu on November 17, 1966 in           
Paris, France, the second child of Benoît and Simone Maupu. Her father, Benoît,     
a veteran of the Algerian War, worked as a truck driver, painter, and bartender;     
her mother, Simone, was a demonstrator in department stores. Her brother Sylvain     
is three years older.                                                                 
Marceau started her career at age 14 when Claude Pinoteau cast her in the             
starring role of the teenager movie La Boum (1980).                                   
The hardworking family lived a humble working class life that left Marceau with       
generally fond memories of childhood. During the week, she was busy helping out       
at the restaurant, where she enjoyed the noise and hectic environment. She spent     
weekends with her family in La Cabane, a small house in Vert-le-Petit in the         
Essonne. While her parents were busy serving customers, Marceau quickly               
developed her adventurous and independent spirit, keeping up with her brother         
Sylvain and her cousin Jacques. When she was eleven years old, she got in             
trouble stealing records from a supermarket something that infuriated her             
parents. Another time, after being scolded by her father, she hid all the             
giblets in the restaurant.                                                           
Marceau also had a shy and reserved side to her, particularly around adults. She     
used to hide beneath her bed whenever her parents' friends came by to visit.         
Alone, in the darkness of her room, she would dream of one day becoming a             
truckdriver like her father. When she was nine years old, her parents were           
divorced. Marceau enjoyed her time in school, but not her studies. A bit of a         
prankster, she did not enjoy studying very much, although she did like reading       
Molière, who made her laugh.                                                         
Marceau loved animals and collected stray cats and forsaken animals with her         
older brother. She had a dog she named Scotch, and also adopted a German             
shepherd at the SPCA. She had a cat she called Bidule, who refused to move with       
the family when they left Gentilly.                                                   
When Marceau was twelve years old, she experienced her first kiss under a tent.       
By then, she was already impatient about her life in Gentilly. She longed to be       
free, to live in a large stone house in Normandie, France with her friends. Most     
of all, she wanted to escape the boredom of adolescence.                             
In February 1980, while searching unsuccessfully for a job over the school           
holidays, Marceau and her mother came across a model agency advertisement             
looking for teenagers. Marceau had photos taken at the agency, but she did not       
think anything would come of it. At the same time, Françoise Menidrey, the           
casting director for Claude Pinoteau's upcoming film La Boum, sent out a call to     
modeling agencies looking for a new teenager for his film. A month after her         
photo session, Marceau was invited to audition for the role. She showed up with       
her father, nervous and very simply dressed. She was just one of over a thousand     
young girls waiting for their chance. Unlike many of the others, however, her         
acting was simple and natural with no forced seduction.                               
Marceau was called back to read for director Claude Pinoteau, who was                 
immediately won over by her "surprising simplicity" and knew he'd found his new       
leading actress. Filming began on July 17 and finished just in time for her           
school's fall term. After viewing the rushes, Alain Poiré, the director of the       
Gaumont Film Company, signed Marceau to a long-term contract. Before the film         
opened, Marceau changed her name following her agency's advice. Given a list of       
street names, she chose "Marceau" to retain her initials.                             
Audiences responded favorably to La Boum and its old-fashioned sensibilities,         
becoming a big hit not only in France, where 4.5 million tickets were sold, but       
also in Italy, Japan, and around the world. The fourteen year old actress             
responded to the instant fame posing for magazine covers, giving interviews,         
and doing commercials for the soap Lux Beaute, which made her a big star in           
In 1981, Marceau made her singing debut with French singer François Valéry on       
the record "Dream in Blue," written by Delanoë. In 1985, she recorded her first     
and only album Certitude, which contained nine songs writed by Étienne Roda-Gil     
and composer Franck Langolff.