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Name: Ricki Pamela Lake                                                             
Born: 21 September 1968 Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, U.S.                         
Ricki Pamela Lake (born September 21, 1968) is an American actress and tabloid     
talk show host, perhaps best known for her long-running Ricki Lake talk show and   
starring in the original version of the film Hairspray.                             
Lake was born in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York to Jill, a housewife, and Barry       
Lake, a pharmacist She attended Ithaca College and the Professional Children's     
School. She also attended Farragut Middle School in Hastings-on-Hudson, and         
her sixth-grade mathematics teacher, Rosemary Reihman, was featured on her talk     
"I never believed in love at first sight until I met him," she said. Ricki         
thought he was also the perfect guy, not attracted to her wealth, since he had     
no idea she was famous. "He had no clue about the show. When I told him, he said   
'What's it called Ricki?'...which was great. I met him at the perfect time in my   
life," said Lake. Ricki and Rob were supposed to go for dinner after the party,     
but they forgot, and as she told everyone, they ended up in their hotel room. "I   
don't know how but I swear the instant I saw him, I knew this was the man I was     
going to marry," remarked Ricki.                                                   
They were married shortly after in Los Angeles. Their two sons are Milo             
Sebastian Sussman (22 March 1997) and Owen Tyler Sussman (18 June 2001). Sussman   
and Lake divorced in 2003 after 9 years. The New York Post reported on April 23rd, 
2003 that Ricki was moving to California in hopes of finding "that next big         
thing." Ricki recently dated trainer Appollo Yiamouviannis, however they split     
in early 2007 after going out for three years.                                     
In early 2007, Lake pursued an intense "new routine" resulting in over 125         
pounds of weight loss, taking her to 120 pounds, down from a high of 260 pounds     
In November 2007, Lake stated that her weight gain was the result of being         
sexual abused as a child.                                                           
Lake resides in Los Angeles, California with her two children.                     
Lake first appeared to audiences when she played the hefty Tracy Turnblad, the     
main character of the 1988 John Waters film Hairspray. She also had a cameo role   
in the film Working Girl. It's in the formal wedding party scene when star,         
Harrison Ford, asks her for the bridesmaid's nickname. She responds with her       
only line in the movie, just one word, "Bitsy". Her role as the overweight Red     
Cross recreation worker "Holly the Donut Dolly" in the television series China     
Beach gave her additional visibility, and she was eventually chosen to host her     
eponymous talk show. At the same time, she publicly began a weight loss regimen,   
ultimately losing around 125 pounds (57 kg).