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Name: Randolph Mantooth                                                                 
Born: 19 September 1945 Sacramento, California, United States                           
Randolph Mantooth (born September 19, 1945 in Sacramento, California), is a             
prolific character actor primarily known for his roles in soap operas, movies           
and television.                                                                         
The naturally black-haired Mantooth is widely recognized for his role as Los           
Angeles County Firefighter/Paramedic and Robert Fuller's competitive friend,           
Johnny Gage, on the popular 1970's NBC television series Emergency!                     
Mantooth has maintained a close personal and professional tie with the                 
firefighting and emergency medical services communities, and is a frequent             
keynote speaker at Fire Service and EMS conferences and events all across the           
United States.                                                                         
In May 2007, the International Association of Fire Chiefs EMS Section applauded         
his inspirational contribution as "Ambassador for the Fire Service and EMS"             
professions by presenting him with their highest honor -- the prestigious "James       
O. Page EMS Achievement Award." Mantooth was also recently recognized by the           
Arkansas Ambulance Association with the "Arkansas Star of Life Award" for his           
commitment to the advancement of EMS.                                                   
Ironically, Mantooth's character "John Gage" was named after James O. Page, who         
had helped in the development of the Emergency! TV series.                             
As Honorary Chairman and spokesperson for the non profit County of Los Angeles         
Fire Museum Association, Randy actively participates in developing plans to             
build a world-class Fire/EMS Museum and Event Center. His personal appearances         
often include a fund raising autograph session for the benefit of the museum's         
James O. Page Memorial Building Fund.                                                   
A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, Mantooth has           
accumulated more than eighty credits in television, film, and theater. He has           
recently completed four feature film roles, including He Was a Quiet Man, and           
appeared in a recurring role on the ABC daytime drama, One Life to Live.               
His original screenplay, The Bone Game, has drawn considerable interest from           
independent production companies, while his creative concept for a new series           
based on the Los Angeles County Fire Department's Urban Search and Rescue teams,       
entitled USAR-1, is being pitched to television networks. Mantooth and his             
partner Hayma Washington, four-time Emmy award-winning producer of The Amazing         
Race, would be the series executive producers.                                         
Randy and his wife Kristen currently live in Los Angeles.