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Name: Rachel Gurney                                                                   
Born: 5 March 1920                                                                   
Died: 24 November 2001                                                               
Rachel Gurney (5 March 1920 - 24 November 2001) was an English actress who was       
best known for playing Lady Marjorie Bellamy in the ITV period drama Upstairs,       
Gurney married Denys Rhodes in 1946 but this ended in 1950 in divorce.               
She died in Norfolk, England in 2001 from Alzheimer's disease.                       
Gurney performed in three broadway shows: Major Barbara in 1980; The Dresser in       
1981-1982; and Breaking the Code in 1988.                                             
Besides her work on Upstairs, Downstairs, Gurney also starred in TV shows such       
as The Portrait of a Lady (1968), Fall of Eagles (1974), Lost Empires (1986) and     
Little Sir Nicholas (1990).                                                           
Gurney starred in films such as Tom Brown's Schooldays (1951) and Funeral in         
Berlin (1966).