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Name: Nicole Eggert                                                                 
Birth name: Nicole Elizabeth Eggert                                                 
Born: 13 January 1972 Glendale, California                                           
Nicole Elizabeth Eggert (born January 13, 1972) is an American actress who           
jumped to fame with her role as Summer Quinn in the hit TV Series Baywatch. She     
is also well known for playing the oldest daughter, Jamie Powell, in the             
television series Charles in Charge.                                                 
Born in Glendale, California to Rolf Eggert, a German immigrant, and Gina Duncan     
Todd, who is from England. Eggert's quest for stardom started when her mother       
entered her in beauty contests. At age 5, Eggert was Miss Universe in the petite     
division. An agent saw her and offered her a Johnson's Baby Shampoo commercial.     
In 1981, Eggert, only eight at the time, landed a role in the movie Rich and         
Famous, opposite Jacqueline Bisset and Candice Bergen. Eggert appeared on the       
cover of Sugar Ray's 1995 debut album Lemonade and Brownies. In 1991, Eggert         
began a serious relationship with Blown Away co-star Corey Haim. The pair had       
previously dated during the 80's. During the filming of Blown Away, Haim             
proposed to Eggert and she accepted, however their relationship ended 5 months       
later allegedly due to Haim's ongoing battle with drugs.                             
In 2004, Eggert played the role of "Ginger" in the first edition of the TBS         
network's The Real Gilligan's Island reality show. She was the first guest star     
to appear on The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. She also appeared                   
on Scott Baio Is 45...and Single in 2007, since she is one of his ex-girlfriends.   
Eggert broke three vertebrae in a snowmobile accident in 1996 at Lake Tahoe; she     
continues to experience residual pain. Since 2000, she has been married to           
Justin Herwick. The couple has one daughter, Dilyn, born 1998. Eggert has a a       
terrier dog J.J. and a cat Smokey. She has a tattoo encircling her right ankle.     
She is friends with actress Christina Applegate.