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Name: Mel Ferrer                                                                         
Birth name: Melchor Gaston Ferrer                                                         
Born: 25 August 1917 Elberon, New Jersey, U.S.                                           
Mel Ferrer (born August 25, 1917 in Elberon, New Jersey) is an Cuban-American             
actor, film director and film producer.                                                   
Born Melchor Gaston Ferrer into a prosperous family, his Cuban-born father a             
surgeon and his mother a prominent New York City socialite. He is the brother of         
noted cardiologist and educator, Dr. M. IrenĂ© Ferrer and noted surgeon, Dr. Jose         
M. Ferrer. Mel Ferrer was educated at private schools before attending Princeton         
University until his sophomore year, when he dropped out to devote more time to           
acting. At that time he also worked as an editor of a small Vermont newspaper             
and wrote a children's book, "Tito's Hats."                                               
Ferrer began acting in summer stock as a teenager and at age twenty-one was               
appearing on the Broadway stage as a chorus dancer, making his debut there as an         
actor two years later. After a bout with polio, he entered the radio world as a           
DJ in Texas and Arkansas, developing into a producer-director of top-rated shows         
for NBC in New York. He returned to Broadway and then became involved in motion           
pictures, directing more than ten feature films and acting in more than eighty.           
As a producer, he had notable success with the well regarded film Wait Until             
Dark (1967) starring Audrey Hepburn.                                                     
In 1945 he made a modest directing debut with The Girl of the Limberlost, a low-budget   
black-and-white film for Columbia. He returned to Broadway to star in Strange             
Fruit, based on the novel by Lillian Smith. He made his screen acting debut in           
Lost Boundaries (1949), and as an actor is best remembered for his roles as the           
injured puppeteer in the musical Lili (1953) (starring Leslie Caron), as the             
villainous Marquis de Maynes in Scaramouche (1952) and as Prince Andrei in War           
and Peace (1956) (co-starring with his then-wife, Audrey Hepburn).                       
Ferrer never achieved major stardom, and later turned towards television, doing           
some directing for the series The Farmer's Daughter (1963-1966) starring Inger           
Stevens, but it best remembered for his role opposite Jane Wyman as Angela               
Channing's attorney and briefly, her husband, Phillip Erikson, in Falcon Crest           
from 1981 to 1984.                                                                       
While his profession was acting, not medicine as was the case for several of his         
relatives, he played the role of Dr. Brogli, in the TV serial Return of the               
Saint (1978-1979).