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Name: Lucy Lawless.                                                                 
Birth name: Lucille Frances Ryan                                                     
Born: 27 March 1968 Mount Albert, New Zealand                                       
Lucy Lawless (born Lucille Frances Ryan on March 29, 1968 in Mount Albert, New       
Zealand) is an actress and singer.                                                   
As an actress, Lawless is best known for her role as Xena on the popular             
American TV series Xena: Warrior Princess from 1995 to 2001.                         
Lucy Lawless is the fifth of seven children born to Frank and Julie Ryan. She       
has five brothers and one sister, and began acting in secondary school. At           
Auckland University, she studied foreign languages for a year. She dropped out       
and left for Europe with her boyfriend, Garth Lawless, to travel in Germany and     
Switzerland. The couple then moved to Australia, where she worked briefly as a       
gold miner.                                                                         
At 19, she became pregnant with Garth's child. In 1988, they married in             
Kalgoorlie, Australia. They returned to New Zealand and had a daughter, Daisy       
Lawless (born July 15, 1988). The couple divorced in 1995. Lawless married Xena     
executive producer, Robert Tapert, on March 28, 1998. Lawless and Tapert have       
two sons: Julius Robert Bay Tapert (born October 16, 1999) and Judah Miro Tapert     
(born May 7, 2002), both born in Auckland, New Zealand.