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Name: Lili Taylor                                                                     
Born: 20 February 1967 Glencoe, Illinois, United States                               
Lili Anne Taylor (born February 20, 1967) is an American theater, film and           
television actress.                                                                   
Taylor, the second youngest of six children, was born in Glencoe, Illinois, a         
suburb of Chicago, Illinois, to Marie, a professional babysitter, and Park           
Taylor, a folk artist and hardware store operator. She grew up in a "warm             
family environment" and has described herself as being a "tomboy" and "a bit         
of a searcher" during her childhood.                                                 
Taylor graduated from New Trier High School in Winnetka, Illinois, 1985.             
Thereafter, she attended the Theatre School of Drama at DePaul University and         
the Piven Theatre Workshop.                                                           
Taylor has been dating author Nick Flynn since 2004. She was previously               
engaged to Michael Imperioli, and previously linked to John Cusack, Eric             
Stoltz, Matthew Broderick, and Michael Rapaport. At age 40, she is expecting         
her first child with writer Nick Flynn, a daughter, due January 2008.                 
Taylor has appeared in dozens of films since 1988, including Dogfight, Mystic         
Pizza, and Rudy. Her work has mostly been in independent films and theater. She       
played the role of Lisa Kimmel Fisher (mostly in the second and third seasons)       
in the HBO drama Six Feet Under.                                                     
After making a great impression with smaller roles in the 1988 film, Mystic           
Pizza and in the 1989 film, Say Anything..., Taylor impressed with her starring       
role in the 1991 film, Dogfight directed by Nancy Savoca. She starred opposite       
River Phoenix as an "ugly" young woman taken to a cruel contest by a Marine           
under the pretense that it would be a date. In 1993, she again teamed up with         
Savoca for Household Saints, a film that was on the "Best Films" list of over         
twenty national critics and was nominated for a Spirit Award for Best Screenplay     
by Savoca and Guay.                                                                   
Famed director Robert Altman hired Taylor in 1993 for his epic, Los Angeles           
drama Short Cuts. Taylor shared scenes with the legendary Lily Tomlin. The film       
also featured Tom Waits, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julianne Moore and Robert Downey       
One of Taylor's most memorable roles was her portrayal of Valerie Solanas in         
Mary Harron's I Shot Andy Warhol in 1996. Her performance wowed critics and fans     
and despite being famously snubbed at the Academy Awards has gone down in             
history. The same year Taylor tackled another intense indie in Girls Town with       
Bruklin Harris and Aunjanue Ellis, in which three inner-city friends deal with a     
friend's suicide.                                                                     
1998 saw Taylor teaming up with another indie-icon, John Waters, in his film         
Pecker. The film, co-starring Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci and Mary Kay Place,     
followed a young Baltimore photographer as he entered the NYC art world. Taylor       
portrayed his art dealer.                                                             
Taylor dipped her toes in mainstream in 1999 starring in Jan de Bont's remake of     
The Haunting. Taylor played lead opposite Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta-Jones       
in the popcorn ghost flick that while critics weren't impressed, Taylor's             
performance was a stand-out.                                                         
In 2001 Taylor turned another great performance in the small indie-feature Julie     
Johnson. The film, co-starring Courtney Love, centers around a Long Island           
mother and housewife who kicks out her husband to pursue her dream of studying       
In early 2004, Taylor began appearing onstage in New York City in a production       
of Wallace Shawn's Aunt Dan and Lemon in the role of Lemon. She won the Best         
Actress award at the 2005 Copenhagen International Film Festival for her role in     
In 2006, Taylor worked again with Mary Harron in The Notorious Bettie Page.           
Taylor currently stars in Lifetime's hour-long comedy/drama State of Mind. In         
the show Taylor stars as a therapist in New Haven dealing with a divorce and a       
parade of quirky clients.                                                             
Taylor plays the daughter of Frank Langella's character in Andrew Wagner's           
Starting Out in the Evening, a drama released on November 23, 2007.