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Name: Kelly Ann McGillis                                                             
Born: 9 July 1957 Newport Beach, California, United States                           
Kelly Ann McGillis (born July 9, 1957) is an American actress, whose notable         
movies include Witness (for which she received a Golden Globe nomination), Top       
Gun, and The Accused.                                                               
She attended The Juilliard School's Drama Division, graduating in 1983. There,       
she performed in William Congreve's "Love for Love" directed by John Blatchley.     
In 2004, she appeared in the stage play The Graduate as Mrs. Robinson, touring       
the United States. In 2007, according to Variety Magazine, she joined the cast       
of Showtime's The L Word for its fifth season.                                       
McGillis was born in Newport Beach, California, the daughter of Joan (née Snell),   
a homemaker, and Donald McGillis, a general practitioner of medicine. She           
married Boyd Black in 1979, divorcing in 1981. She married Fred Tillman in 1989,     
and they had two daughters: Kelsey and Sonora. They divorced in 2002 and she is     
currently single. She and her daughter Sonora live in Mohnton, PA.                   
In 1982, McGillis and her roommate were assaulted and raped in their home by the     
escaped rapist Leroy Johnson after McGillis came home from work. This               
experience encouraged the actress to pursue her film role as the lawyer who         
supports Jodie Foster's character in The Accused. McGillis was originally           
approached for the role of the rape victim in that film. She turned it down,         
feeling it would be too close to her real life ordeal. The part eventually went     
to Jodie Foster, who won an Oscar for her performance                               
She had owned a restaurant in Key West, Florida called Kelly's, that she and her     
ex-husband founded, and although the restaurant is still open, she says she is "no   
longer a part of that restaurant at all," since her second divorce, according to     
a 2006 TV interview on Good Day Sacramento.