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Name: Joan Mary Cusack                                                               
Born: 11 October 1962 New York City, New York, United States                         
Joan Mary Cusack (born October 11, 1962) is an Academy Award-nominated American     
actress and comedian.                                                               
Cusack was born in New York City to an Irish American Catholic family. Her           
mother, Nancy, is a former mathematics teacher and political activist. Her           
father, Dick Cusack (1925-2003), as well as her siblings Ann, Bill, John and         
Susie, have also been actors; her father was also a documentary filmmaker,           
owned a film production company and was a friend of activist Philip Berrigan.       
Cusack is an alumna of the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is married to     
Chicago attorney Dick Burke, with whom she has two sons.                             
Cusack twice has been nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress,       
for her work in Working Girl and In & Out. She co-starred with her brother John     
in the movies Sixteen Candles, Class, High Fidelity, Grosse Pointe Blank, Say       
Anything..., Cradle Will Rock and, most recently, 2007's Martian Child.             
For many years, Cusack was also the commercial spokeswoman for U.S. Cellular.       
Her recurring characters on Saturday Night Live include Salena, a socially inept     
girl who tries to ask out her boyfriend, Biff (played by Jon Lovitz), who is         
also socially inept. In addition, she did celebrity impersonations of Brooke         
Shields, Jane Fonda and Queen Elizabeth II.