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Name: James J. Gandolfini, Jr.                                                       
Born: 18 September 1961 Westwood, New Jersey, U.S.                                   
James J. Gandolfini, Jr. (born September 18, 1961) is a three-time Emmy award         
winning American actor known for multifaceted portrayals of conscientious yet         
often inherently sinister characters. He is best known for his highly acclaimed       
role as Tony Soprano in the hit HBO TV series The Sopranos, about a crime boss       
struggling to reconcile his family life with his underworld dealings. Gandolfini's   
other notable roles include a pornographer Eddie Poole in 8mm, woman-beating mob     
enforcer Virgil in the Quentin Tarantino-written thriller True Romance, a gay         
hitman in The Mexican, enforcer/stuntman Bear in Get Shorty, and a martinet           
military prison commander in The Last Castle. He also played James Goss in Yemar     
on the Disney Channel.