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Name: Holly Robinson Peete                                                               
Birth name: Holly Elizabeth Robinson                                                     
Born: 18 September 1964 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States                       
Holly Robinson Peete (born September 18, 1964, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (known     
before her marriage as Holly Robinson) is an American actress, singer and author.       
Her parents, Dolores and Matt Robinson (the original Gordon on Sesame Street),           
were both actors who moved to Los Angeles, California when she was ten years old.       
She was sent to study at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York where she           
majored in psychology and French. Her language skills allowed her to spend a             
year in Paris, France to study at the Sorbonne.                                         
As an actress, Robinson is probably best known for her television roles on the           
crime series 21 Jump Street from 1987 to 1991, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper from 1992-1997,   
and in the 1998-2002 comedy series For Your Love.                                       
Robinson most recently starred on the UPN comedy Love, Inc.. The show lasted             
just one season, and was canceled due to the WB/UPN merger.                             
Robinson has also had a limited career as a singer and recording artist,                 
including the introductory song to 21 Jump Street. She contributed a variety of         
songs to the soundtrack of the film Howard the Duck. (She appeared as a musician/singer 
in a minor role in the film.) She recorded the theme song "We Got Our Love" for         
the 1988 film Three for the Road.                                                       
In 2006, she won the Quills Award in Sports for her book Get Your Own Damn Beer,         
I'm Watching the Game!: A Woman's Guide to Loving Pro Football. Rodale :                 
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