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Name: Holly P. Hunter                                                           
Born: 20 March 1958 Conyers, Georgia, United States                             
Holly P. Hunter (born March 20, 1958) is an Academy Award-winning American       
Hunter was born in Conyers, Georgia, the daughter of Opal Marguerite (nee       
Catledge), a housewife, and Charles Edwin Hunter, a farmer and sporting-goods   
manufacturer's representative. Hunter earned a degree in drama from Carnegie     
Mellon University in Pittsburgh, after which she moved to New York City and     
roomed with Frances McDormand, both aspiring actors. When she first moved to Los 
Angeles she shared a house with a group of people which included McDormand and   
director Sam Raimi, as well as future collaborators Joel and Ethan Coen.         
Hunter's first starring role in films came in 1987's Raising Arizona. That year, 
she also starred in Broadcast News, for which she earned an Oscar nomination for 
the Best Actress. In 1993, she won the Best Female Performance Prize at the     
Cannes Film Festival and the Best Actress Oscar for The Piano and showcased her 
skill with the piano by playing all the elaborate pieces on the score herself.   
That year, Hunter was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The Firm.   
In 2004, she earned another Best Supporting Actress nomination for Thirteen and 
voiced a star role (Helen Parr/Elastigirl) in the animated film The Incredibles. 
Hunter has also appeared in several television films and has earned two Emmys.   
She is currently starring in and producing Saving Grace, a crime series on TNT   
portraying an Oklahoma City Police Department detective Grace Hanadarko