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Name: Grant Alan Show                                                                   
Born: 27 February 1962 Detroit, Michigan, United States                                 
Grant Show (b. February 27, 1962, Detroit, Michigan) is an actor best known for         
his role on Melrose Place as Jake Hanson, which he played from 1992 to 1997,           
soon to be seen in the CBS drama Swingtown.                                             
Raised in the Santa Cruz, California, area, Show was a graduate of UCLA where he       
was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He broke into show business             
during college almost immediately after high school. His first major role was on       
the daytime soap opera Ryan's Hope, where he played Rick Hyde from 1984 - 1987.         
During his last year on the show, he received a Daytime Emmy nomination as             
Outstanding Young Man in a Daytime Drama Series.                                       
During his time on the soap, Show dated fellow Ryan's Hope actor, Yasmine Bleeth.       
Hyped as the series' leading heartthrob, he even had a pinup poster issued             
during the series' run but later became dissatisfied with acting in soaps and           
went to London in order to improve his craft. Returning to the states in the           
late 1980s, he landed occasional prime time acting gigs but feature films proved       
elusive, although the producers of Thelma and Louise seriously considered him           
for the role that launched Brad Pitt into film stardom.                                 
Show's appearances on television attracted the attention of producer Aaron             
Spelling who felt he had star potential and decided to cast him as Jake Hanson         
on a few episodes of the popular series Beverly Hills 90210 in order to spin off       
the character as the lead in his next series Melrose Place. Debuting with much         
fanfare (Show was on the covers of both TV Guide and People immediately after           
the series' debut), the series' ratings in its first season were not up to             
expectations and the show was revamped in the middle of the first season with           
the introduction of Heather Locklear, from an episodic drama format to an over-the-top 
soap opera serial in the tradition of Dynasty, one of Spelling's earlier hits.         
While Show remained a popular member of the cast during his tenure, most of the         
buzz the series generated revolved around the characters played by Heather             
Locklear, Marcia Cross and Laura Leighton. Leighton and Show dated briefly             
during the series' run.                                                                 
In 1997, Show, Cross, Leighton, Doug Savant, Courtney Thorne-Smith and Josie           
Bissett left the series in a move that rather swiftly lead the show into a major       
decline. Show later regretted his decision to leave despite his dislike of the         
scripts during his final season.                                                       
Show has since starred in a number of television movies including Blessed               
Assurance with Cicely Tyson, Between Love and Honor with Robert Loggia, and             
Homeland Security with Tom Skerritt and was the lead in the short-lived Fox             
Network supernatural drama Point Pleasant in 2005. He made a guest appearance           
for three episodes in HBO's acclaimed series Six Feet Under in 2002, and in 2006       
he guest starred on two episodes of the ABC Family show Beautiful People.               
Show has acted on stage in a number of productions. In 1990, he played the lead         
in a play adaptation of On the Waterfront and after his stint on Melrose acted         
in The Glass Menagerie. He was on Broadway in 1999 playing a detached doctor in         
Wit (play).                                                                             
Show appeared in three 2007 episodes of the FX show Dirt, playing closeted gay         
movie action hero Jack Dawson when Dawson became involved with a character on           
the show named Leo Spiller.                                                             
In May 2007 CBS announced its 2007-2008 fall lineup including a new dramatic           
series Swingtown which will star Show. The program is currently scheduled for a         
"mid-season replacement", it will debut after a currently scheduled program is         
Long a bachelor, Show married model Pollyanna McIntosh, who he met when they           
posed together for a Lane Bryant ad in 2003. They reside in Beachwood Canyon,           
Los Angeles, California. He enjoys golf, motorcycling and auto racing and won           
the 20th Anniversary Toyota Pro/Celebrity Auto Race in 1996.