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Name: Gena Lee Nolin                                                                 
Born: 29 November 1971 Duluth, Minnesota, United States                               
Gena Lee Nolin (born November 29, 1971) is an American actress and model. She is     
best known for her television appearances on The Price Is Right and Baywatch in       
the 1990s.                                                                           
Nolin was born in Duluth, Minnesota. During her childhood, Nolin lived on a farm.     
An athletic child, she enjoyed ice fishing, mens basketball, volleyball and           
softball. isShe moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where she worked as a waitress. She       
later entered the Miss Las Vegas beauty pageant--and went on to win the title.       
After becoming Miss Las Vegas, Nolin got the attention of several modeling           
agencies. She then moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue acting and study       
interior design at Santa Monica College. Nolin first worked as a waitress in Los     
Nolin's first marriage, to David Alan Feiler in 1991, lasted a month and a day.       
He would later go on to stalk her, forcing her to get a restraining order.           
In 1993, she met Greg Fahlman at a convention where he was giving out fliers;         
they married on November 27, 1993. Later in 1993, Nolin received breast implants.     
A year later, she saw a newspaper ad for the popular, long-running game show,         
The Price Is Right. She beat out 1,200 other women to become one of the show's       
Barker's Beauties. Soon afterward, Nolin appeared in the soap opera, The Young       
and the Restless as a model named Sandy.                                             
In 1995, Nolin starred in her biggest role as Neely Capshaw in he television         
series Baywatch (becoming the second actress to play the controversial character,     
who was originally created to appear as a one-episode part). In June 1997, her       
only child with Fahlman, son Spencer, was born. Later in the year, Nolin began       
modelling, for the first time since her pregnancy, for Maxim. In 1998, Nolin         
quit Baywatch and started her own show, Sheena (TV series), in 2000. In late         
2001, Nolin posed nude for Playboy magazine, further increasing her fame. In         
2002, Sheena was cancelled.                                                           
In 2004, Nolin divorced Fahlman and began dating NHL hockey player Cale Hulse.       
Around this time, an explicit sex tape of her and Fahlman began to appear on the     
On September 3, 2004, Hulse and Nolin were married at the Royal Palms Resort and     
Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. Their son, Hudson Lee Hulse, was born on April 15, 2006,     
in Scottsdale, Arizona.