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Name: David Nelson                                                               
Born: 24 October 1936 New York City                                             
David Oswald Nelson (born 24 October 1936 in New York City) is an actor,         
director, producer, and son of famed bandleader/TV actor Ozzie Nelson and singer 
Harriet Hilliard. David is the brother of late singer Ricky Nelson and they both 
appeared on the family TV show The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet in the 1950s 
and 1960s; he is currently the last surviving original cast member of the series.
In time Ricky and David attempted separate film careers and found moderate       
success in several big budget 1950s films. By 1966 however the Nelson sons were 
hard pressed to find a large popular following. David moved into production,     
working mainly in commercials and low budget features.                           
David Nelson has been married twice. His first wife was June Blair (1961 - 1975).
They had two children Daniel and James and divorced [in 1975]. In 1975 David     
married Yvonne O'Connor Huston. They have no children but after their marriage   
he adopted her two sons and daughter.