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Name: David Al-Chokhachy                                                         
Born: 16 January 1968 Plymouth, Massachusetts United States                       
David Chokachi (born David Al-Chokhachy, January 16, 1968 in Plymouth,           
Massachusetts) is an American television actor of Finnish and Turkish origin.     
He graduated from Tabor Academy, an elite boarding prep school in Marion,         
Massachusetts, in 1986, and then graduated from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, 
in 1990 with a degree in political science.                                       
Chokachi began his acting career in 1995 on Baywatch as "Cody Madison",           
eventually replacing David Charvet as a main cast member. In 1999, he left       
Baywatch and took up the role of Jake McCartney in the TV series Witchblade,     
which lasted until 2002. Following that, he appeared in various TV series and     
made-for-TV movies.                                                               
In 1997, Chokachi was chosen by People magazine as one of the "50 Most Beautiful 
People in the World".                                                             
As of 2006, he appears on The N channel on the TV show Beyond The Break as a     
main character.