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Name: Amos Alphonsus Muzyad Yaqoob                                                 
Born: 6 January 1912 Deerfield, Michigan, United States                           
Died: 6 February 1991 Los Angeles, California, United States                       
Danny Thomas, born Amos Alphonsus Muzyad Yaqoob, (January 6, 1912 - February 6,   
1991) was an American nightclub comedian and television and film actor, best       
known for starring in the television sitcom Make Room for Daddy.                   
Danny Thomas was born in Deerfield, Michigan, on January 6, 1912, to Charles and   
Margaret Jacobs. He was of Lebanese descent. He first performed under his         
Anglicized birth name, Amos Jacobs, before settling on the stage name, Danny       
Thomas, which were the first names of two of his brothers. He lived in various     
cities as a child, including Toledo, Ohio, and Rochester New York.                 
On the big screen, he starred in The Jazz Singer, a 1952 remake of the 1927       
original and played songwriter Gus Kahn opposite Doris Day in the 1951 film       
biography I'll See You in My Dreams. After Make Room for Daddy, Thomas became a   
successful television producer, working on many popular shows including The Dick   
Van Dyke Show, The Andy Griffith Show, and The Mod Squad.                         
Known as a generous philanthropist, Thomas founded the St. Jude Children's         
Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1962. The hospital has treated         
thousands of children for childhood cancers. In 1996, two of its researchers won   
the Nobel Prize for medicine for their research on the immune system of children. 
As a "starving actor", Thomas made a vow - if he found success, he would open a   
hospital dedicated to St. Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes.               
He was one of the original owners of the Miami Dolphins, along with Joe Robbie,   
although he sold his share soon after purchase. Thomas was also an avid golfer.   
He claimed ten golf handicap and once competed with Sam Snead in a charity event. 
His children are also performers, the most famous being his daughter, Marlo, who   
is married to Phil Donahue. His son, Tony Thomas, is a television producer, and   
another daughter, Terre Thomas, is a former actress.                               
Thomas died on February 6, 1991, of a punctured lung at age 79. He had completed   
filming a commercial for St. Jude's Hospital a few days before his death and       
this final commercial aired as a tribute to him.                                   
Danny Thomas and his wife (who died in 2000) are interred in a crypt in a         
mausoleum on the grounds of the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in         
Memphis, Tennessee. He was a posthumous recipient of the 2004 Bob Hope             
Humanitarian Award.