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Name: Daniel J. Travanti                                                         
Born: 7 March 1940 Kenosha, Wisconsin                                             
Daniel J. Travanti (born Danielo Giovanni Travanti on March 7, 1940) is an       
American actor. He is known for his starring role as Frank Furillo in the         
television drama Hill Street Blues.                                               
Travanti, one of five children, was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Italian       
immigrant parents. His father was a factory worker. During his teen years,       
Travanti was an athlete and good student, earning scholarships to Harvard         
University, Princeton University, and Dartmouth College though he eventually     
attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison.                                     
Travanti earned two Emmys for his portrayal of the Hill Street Station Captain   
Frank Furillo. Since Hill Street Blues, not much has been heard from Travanti     
with the exception of a few bit parts in television programs such as Poltergeist: 
The Legacy (1997) and Prison Break (2005). He did co-star in the 1989 cult       
classic Millennium and as Lt Ray McAuliffe in the 1993 series "Missing Persons". 
In January-March 2007, Travanti appeared off Broadway in Oren Safdie's The Last   
Word... at the Theatre at St. Clements in New York City.