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Name: Alice MacGraw                                                                   
Born: 1 April 1938 Pound Ridge, New York                                             
Alice MacGraw (born April 1, 1938 in Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York)       
is an Academy Award-nominated and Golden Globe award winning American actress.       
Born to an Irish-American father, whom she recently described as "violent"           
and a Jewish mother, she has one sibling, a brother.                                 
An alumna of Rosemary Hall and Wellesley College, she began working in 1960 as a     
photographic assistant at Harper's Bazaar, as an assistant to the legendary           
fashion maven, Diana Vreeland, at Vogue, and as a fashion model, and as a             
photographer's stylist. She gained notice in Goodbye, Columbus, but real stardom     
came in 1970 with Love Story. MacGraw's keen eye and sense of style was               
celebrated on the cover of Time. Her minimalist style basically consisted of         
healthy skin without much makeup, long gleaming hair pulled back simply, and the     
ever-present brimless woolen hat that became known as the "Ali Cap." She has         
also worked as an interior decorator.                                                 
In 1972, she had her footprints and autograph engraved at Grauman's Chinese           
Theatre after only four films.                                                       
MacGraw has appeared in other films, such as: The Getaway, Convoy, Players, Just     
Tell Me What You Want, and the television miniseries China Rose and The Winds of     
War. In 1985, MacGraw appeared in the hit ABC prime time soap opera Dynasty as "Lady 
Ashley Mitchell."                                                                     
MacGraw wrote a well-received autobiography, Moving Pictures (which she now           
states was "not well written"), which described her struggles with alcohol and       
male dependence. She was treated for the former at the Betty Ford Center. In         
1991, People magazine chose her as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the         
She had lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico for many years after "fleeing Malibu".         
Having become a Hatha Yoga devotee in her fifties, she made a tremendously           
successful Yoga video with the American Yoga Master Erich Schiffmann, Ali             
MacGraw Yoga Mind and Body, which was a bestseller upon release and was still         
popular more than a decade later. The video's impact was such that in June 2007       
Vanity Fair magazine credited her for being one of the people responsible for         
the practice's recent popularity in the United States. In keeping with her           
interests, she narrated a well-received documentary on Yoga, The Fire of Yoga in     
She made her Broadway theatre debut in New York City in 2006 as a dysfunctional       
matriarch in the drama Festen (The Celebration). She was also included in a           
Seventeen magazine issue for inspiring hairstyles.