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Name: Albert Salmi                                                                     
Born: 11 March 1928 NewYork, NY, U.S.                                                   
Died: 22 April 1990 Rockwood, Washington, U.S.                                         
Albert Salmi (March 11, 1928 - April 22, 1990) was an American actor.                   
Albert Salmi was born in Brooklyn, New York to Finnish immigrant parents, and           
following a stint in the Army, took up acting as a career, studying Method             
acting with Lee Strasberg. In 1955, Salmi starred in Bus Stop on Broadway. He           
was asked to go on the road with the show, where he fell in love with and               
married one of his co-stars, former child actress Peggy Ann Garner on May 16,           
1956. Their only child, Catherine Ann Salmi, died in 1995 at the age of 38.             
He made his film debut as Smerdjakov in the 1958 movie version of The Brothers         
Karamazov, with Yul Brynner, Lee J. Cobb, William Shatner, and Richard Basehart.       
Salmi's next film was The Bravados in which he played one of the villains hunted       
down by hero Gregory Peck. The National Board of Review presented Salmi with the       
NBR Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in both of these films.               
He held several memorable roles on "The Twilight Zone" including Of Late I Think       
of Cliffordville and appeared twice as the incorrigible pirate, Alonzo P. Tucker       
on "Lost in Space." He appeared in a "Gunsmoke" episode as a killer who comes to       
an ironic end. He also guest starred in "Combat!", and many other television           
Salmi and Garner divorced on March 13, 1963. Around the same time, he started a         
role as the comical Yadkin on TV's "Daniel Boone" opposite Fess Parker. He also         
had a regular role on the 1970s TV law series Petrocelli. In the series "Land of       
the Giants" last episode he appeared as a pair of evil twins.                           
A high point of Salmi's career came in 1968, when he was cast in the Arthur             
Miller play The Price. He played the lead on Broadway and in London.                   
In 1990, Salmi and his second wife, Roberta, were found shot to death in their         
home in Spokane, Washington. It was reported by friends and other family members       
that Salmi was suffering from depression, and his wife, to whom he was very             
devoted, was in poor health at the time. Albert moved out of the house when the         
couple underwent a separation. He was living in Idaho, when he couldn't bear           
living without Roberta, when he drove to their Rockwood home, and shot her, then       
turned the gun on himself.