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Adrienne began performing in 1963 with the San Jose Civic Light         
Opera and by 1965, she had already entertained our servicemen on       
army bases throughout South East Asia and was on her way to New York   
where she made her Broadway debut as Tevye's second daughter, Hodel,   
in Fiddler on the Roof. A Tony nomination for her creation of Rizzo     
in the original Broadway production of Grease led her back to           
California and the role of Bea Arthur's daughter, Carol, in the hit     
series Maude.                                                           
Since then she has become a best selling author, a recording artist,   
and the star of numerous features, films for television, concert       
performances, musicals and plays.                                       
Genre film fans know her best for her performances in The Fog,         
Escape From New York, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, Back to School and       
Cannonball Run.                                                         
Her many films for television include the Ace Award winning Double     
Crossed: The Barry Seal Story opposite Dennis Hopper and Scott         
Turow's Burden of Proof with Hector Elizondo.  Lifetime Network         
audiences can see her in the oft-repeated Shattered Hearts and Drew     
Carey fans know her as Oswald's mom.  She starred as Ruthie, the       
Snake Dancer, on HBO's fascinating series, Carnivale.                   
Adrienne has starred in over 25 musicals and plays, among them Pump     
Boys & Dinettes; Women Behind Bars; Kander and Ebb's And the World     
Goes Round; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas; Love Letters; the     
West coast premieres of A Walk on the Wild Side and Drop Dead; the     
Canadian premiere of Neil Simon's Lost in Yonkers; and the world       
premiere of What the Rabbi Saw by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore.     
Most recently she returned to Off-Broadway and standing ovations as     
Judy Garland in The Property Known As Garland.                         
Off camera, Adrienne is the voice of Catwoman in Batman, The           
Animated Series, Ms. Simone in Scooby-Do on Zombie Island, and         
Scooter's Mom in the 3-D animated film Fly Me To The Moon,             
premiering in August, 2008. The feature film Reach For Me, in which     
she stars with Seymour Cassell, Alfre Woodard, and LeVar Burton, is     
awaiting release. At present, she is filming WarWolves for the SciFi   
Adrienne's memoir There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Carroll and       
Graf Publishers) is an L.A. Times best seller.  Her first novel,       
Vampyres of Hollywood, which she co-authored with Michael Scott for     
St. Martin's Press, comes out in August, 2008. She is currently at     
work on the sequel.                                                     
In March of 1997, Adrienne gave birth to identical twin boys making     
her "the only woman on the maternity ward that was a member of         
AARP". She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Billy Van Zandt,     
the twins, William and Walker, and her older son, Cody.