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Name: Adrian Paul Hewett                                                                   
Born: 29 May 1959 London, England, United Kingdom                                           
Adrian Paul Hewett (born May 29, 1959), better known as Adrian Paul, is an actor           
best known for his role on the television series Highlander: The Series as                 
Duncan MacLeod. He was born in London, England in 1959, the first of three                 
brothers to an Italian mother and a British father. Paul first became a model,             
then a dancer and choreographer. In 1985, he left Europe for the United States             
to pursue a dance and modeling career. In 1998, he founded The Peace Fund                   
charitable organization.                                                                   
He was cast in the role that would bring him to the most prominence to date,               
that of Duncan MacLeod in the syndicated television series Highlander: The                 
Series, in 1992. Paul also starred in the spin-off movie, Highlander: Endgame (2000),       
and the 5th Highlander film: Highlander: The Source, released as a made-for-TV             
movie on the SCI-FI channel on September 15, 2007.                                         
His first role was on the ABC television series, The Colbys as the Russian ex-patriate     
ballet dancer, Kolya (1987-1988). This was followed by guest appearances on the             
television shows Beauty and the Beast (1987), Murder, She Wrote (1984), Tarzan (1991),     
Relic Hunter (1999), and as himself in WWF SmackDown! (1999). He appeared in a             
January 2003, episode of Charmed and off Broadway in the play Bouncers. He also             
appeared in the made-for-TV movies Shooter (1988) and The Cover Girl Murder (1993)         
which starred Lee Majors.                                                                   
He appeared in a regular role in the second season of the television series War             
of the Worlds (1989-1990) as John Kincaid, three episodes of Dark Shadows (1991)           
as Jeremiah Collins, and made a pilot for CBS Television for a series called The           
Owl (1991). In 2001, he starred in Tracker.                                                 
Paul's first film appearance was in the 1988 film Last Rites, which starred Tom             
Berenger. He starred in the remake of The Masque of the Red Death (1989), a re-telling     
of the Edgar Allan Poe tale. Other movies which he has starred or co-starred are           
Dance to Win (also known as War Dancing) (1989), Love Potion No. 9 (1992) as               
Enrico Pazzoli, Dead Men Can't Dance (1997), Susan's Plan (also known as Dying             
to Get Rich) (1998), Merlin: The Return (1999) as Lancelot, Convergence (also               
called Premonition) (1999), The Void (2001), The Breed (2001), Code Hunter (2002),         
Nemesis Game (2003) Throttle (2005), and Phantom Below (also known as Tides of             
War) (2005). In 2006 he co-starred in the horror film Séance and in Little                 
Chicago .He also starred as Ananias Dare in the Sci Fi original film, Wraiths of           
Roanoke (2007). He has recently finished work on the futuristic thriller                   
Eyeborgs, and the thriller/drama The Heavy, both of which are currently in post-production.